El Tostadero - Recording studio and music production

El Tostadero is a recording studio built in an old coffee toasting factory. We have suitable studios for the recording of any sound project. Comfortable, luminous, well cared for; located near the neighborhood of Gràcia, in Barcelona.


The day by day of the recording studio goes by with the production of professional and passionate sound projects: live recordings, demos, albums - arrangements, PRS / BMI, mixing, mastering - post-production of commercials, animation, jingles, music videos, soundtracks, voice overs, radio spots, music production on demand, advertising ....


We have adequate facilities constituted by 3 cabins and 2 control rooms seamlessly integrated for a maximum of 4 simultaneous recording rooms and a control room with a total of 54 channels in analog consoles pre-amps. 120m2 acoustically treated surfaces, for a precise and comfortable work.


The commitment of the studio is the same with all our customers. With a clear analog character and commanding two impressive MCI consoles of the 70's, we deliver absolute involvement of the whole team to serve the best quality at the best price on any production.


Customers around the world and an average of 16 albums released and distributed annually, evidence our professional solvency.


We are proud of announcing, that our work with the artists who trust in us is giving great results. Therefore, we have opened our independent labels and a distribution system for the artists who work with us.