Nema Records

Nema Records is a combined initiative of El Tostadero recording studio and three record labels, born from the desire to provide a different kind of record publishing company for Spain.


As Nema Records, we believe that bands need to maintain a direct contact with their public and gather the benefits of their album sales.

Because of that, we don’t tie our artists with traditional recording contracts. We know that we are still quite young – we only just began in 2009 – but we also know that we are offering quality and that our aims are clear.


We provide the artists with all the possible means to gather the benefits of their productions and our aim is to be a springboard to publish with bigger international labels.


Through our three labels –Daruma, Shimauma and Onarama – we publish albums in digital formats for more than 200 digital content distributors worldwide. We also distribute in physical format by post / internet and to specialized shops in Spain, Germany, France, England, Norway and Japan.


As Nema Records, we want to emphasize good quality and well directed productions. The artists who work with us are looking forward to release their projects with an international scope and without having to yield all their production rights.


We believe that this is the best way to help bands with the evolvement of their musical projects and to create powerful artistic scenes.